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Lina frowned and stepped back. “Whoa, personal space, buddy. What are you trying to do, grope me? Distance. Jeeze.”

Who was this guy anyway? Was he really that touchy about the fact she was standing in an alleyway? What, did he live here? Obviously not. He was too well dressed to be homeless.

She ran her fingers through her hair. “If you must know, I am doing some research. It’s not official research or anything, but I had my own curiosities and decided to pursue them.”

Lina leaned against the wall of the alleyway, taking out her map of the area. “I’m interested in a field similar to what my parents are in - relationships between wild species. But I’m also interested in the natural biological evolution and historical relationships. But there are questions that I have. We obviously have species names for pokemon. Cat. Dog. Elephant. These species names obviously came from the animals they look similar to that we had names for, but obviously these non-pokemon animals just aren’t really around in abundance.

They obviously still exist. They’re more like those exotic pets that really wealthy bastards have. Otherwise, no one really cares all that much about them, so their relationships to pokemon aren’t that well documented. Pokemon are said to look eerily similar to a lot of these creatures though. So I guess one of my first questions is if the physical similarities is a product of convergent evolution or if pokemon as they biologically evolved over the millenia slowly came to look similar to these creatures for another purpose.

As for why I’m doing that at this time of night, I figured it might be easier to look for the more nocturnal specimens.”

She glanced over to the irate young man and smirked. “Does that answer your question?”

Staring back at her blankly, he wasn’t sure if he should take offense to such a statement. Truly, it was her who was acting suspiciously, and it seemed immensely ignorant to try and turn it around on him. Knowing there was something amiss in the situation, he figured it might be best simply to leave now before he got any more involved.

But wait—research? She must be joking.

Yet, as she continued to explain her situation, he only became more and more interested as she went on. Much of what she explained dealt with similar interests to his own studies—which was something he felt very alone in. 

"I—" speechless, Thorton truly did not know what to say. "—If that is true, I must admit I am amazed. There are very few researchers in our field these days." 

Fishing for a Friend-Open Rp



Ironically Eri did not know that there was another Battle Frontier in Hoenn. That and the one in Sinnoh were similar in many ways. Each department had their own set of rules and Pokemon. However, there were more Frontier Brains in Hoenn than Sinnoh. Both seemed to have been held secret except from experienced trainers. The young teen recalled a rumor where a powerful trainer participated in the Sinnoh Battle Frontier challenge. Unsure if the person won in every department, she wondered why the faculty was rarely known.

The fact that the Battle Frontier was opened anytime like gyms brought a smile to her face. Being welcomed like that made her feel special. “So you use different rules huh? Actually the last time I used rental Pokemon was when I was in school. But it’s nice that you guys get to do whatever you want. Since you’re a Frontier Brain, what’s your battle arena like? Do you use rental Pokemon?” Her curiosity grew as she waited. Thorton sounded serious despite being so short. 

"It’s a lot like a gym," he added thoughtfully, as he pondered the question for a few moments. He’d not seen very many gyms himself, and he knew many of the leaders were creative with their terrain in their attempts to make it more suitable to their particular type. As for him, being he didn’t specify in type, that was not necessary. Yet his specialty was technology, and it was certainly the theme of his entire facility.

"Yes—I care for the rentals myself, ensuring they are well looked after." Much to his lack of explanation, much of the Pokemon were taken from trainers who abandoned or did not want their Pokemon anymore. 

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"No, I’m not really lonely. Though my pokemon do stress to me often that I should get out more and meet more human friends…." He said petting Cleo on the head. "What about you? I assume you have friends around here?" He asked, as he looked out over the pond.

 Quinn was wearing a light purple dress that went just below his knees, with a pink opal encrusted belt that went around his waste. On his head he wore a purple floppy hat that had a pink bow with a little misdreavus pin pinned to it. On his legs he had light pink tights on covered by light purple flat mary janes that had black buckles on their straps. His earrings were shuppet shaped. 

"Why is that?" he asked, wondering if it was pushing some sort of boundary. He really didn’t know this girl, and he didn’t want to inflict any strange thoughts about him. 

"I suppose," he sighed, thoughtfully observing the question. Was it right of him to admit he truly didn’t have any friends?—At least friends he’d associate with outside of work, which, probably wasn’t something to be proud of.


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"Hm…well that’s tough…I’ve lived along for quite sometime too…..about four years now I think?" Quinn added quietly "And the resort zone is just a little tourist area to the east of here, I guess residents of the island don’t have much need to go there…." He said, surprised that Thorton wasn’t aware of the area. 

Cleo silently pulled quinn’s tablet computer out of his purse and started to fiddle with it, not much interested with playing with the other pokemon. 

Four years seemed like a long time to him, especially since he’d assumed the young girl couldn’t be older than him. Thinking to himself what sort of circumstances brought someone so young to be on their own for this long made him wonder—yet truly it wasn’t his place to ask.

"Oh—" he’d been oblivious to the resort zone, but likely because he lived in the dorms of the Battle Frontier—unaware of other potential options. But, to him it was the best option, and living alone he didn’t understand why he would need anything larger, or any more elaborate.

"I bet it’s not so lonely with your Pokemon though…right?" he asked.




"Well, yes. Everyone is up to something. It’s just a matter of whether or not others should be sticking their noses in it.”

She walked closer, stopping in an area of the alley that had at least a little bit of light. She could somewhat see him now, too. For once, she had her long red hair tied back in a ponytail. She shrugged and crossed her arms over her chest.

"Well, if we’re going to be having some kind of conversation there’s no reason to yell across the alleyway."

People like her annoyed him immensely, yet, he remained his composure—although he was not quite sure for how much longer. Raising an eyebrow to her witty response, to him it only furthered his suspicion towards her. To what he had not decided just yet.

"Have it your own way—what exactly are you looking for?” He too moved closer to her, practically getting into her face with his question. 

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